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Meet Steve and Linda Kovacs of Waterscene, selling and building water features in BC for over 20 years. Long before ponds became the landscaping phenomenon they are today, Steve and Linda discovered how easy it is to build beautiful, elegant and professional water features using the Aquascape system.

Since then they’ve built or helped distributors and homeowners build many incredible water gardens. Each one is a treasure enjoyed by families, couples, young and old alike. They invite you to share in the spectacular growth of this landscaping phenomenon sweeping the country.

Visit our showroom

Waterscene’s greater Vancouver area water gardening centre is located in Tsawwassen, BC. We have water features, pond supplies, equipment, pumps, lighting systems, and more in stock. Come by and visit!

Waterscene has grown steadily and it’s been an exciting journey. One of their early ponds was so beautiful it was featured, in full color, in one of Canada’s daily newspapers. The company hosts regular Build-a-Pond Day events and attends home and garden shows across the country. CBC Television documented one of these Build-a-Pond days on the show “Canadian Gardener.” That segment proved so popular it was voted ‘Best of Canadian Gardener’ and has run several times since. Waterscene has also been featured in articles appearing in “Aquascape Lifestyles” magazine, the premiere magazine about water gardening.

Steve and Linda and their staff have a host of resources available to help you make the most of the outstanding quality and versatility of the Aquascape product line. The Waterscene staff love people and are passionate about helping you build your business. They would be delighted to help you. Call, drop by the centre, or use our feedback form for more information about getting started in this rapidly growing new opportunity.