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The Aquascape RainXchange™ System is a revolutionary design that combines a recirculating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvest storage system.

Traditional methods of harvesting rainwater do not add beauty to your home or office setting. Rainwater harvesting is better for your landscape than municipally treated water, because rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients. Using rainwater for irrigation reduces the need for fertilizer. Your landscape enjoys water with no chemicals added. In addition:

  • RainXchange helps you reduce water bills, including city storm sewer charges
  • Alleviate demand on municipal systems
  • Avoid strict watering schedules
back yard pond fun

Aesthetic Benefits

The RainXchange™ adds the beauty of a water feature to an efficient system for capturing, filtering, and reusing our most precious resource – water! Whether you choose a Pondless® Waterfall or bubbling urn to your landscape, you’ll be happy knowing your RainXchange™ System not only looks great, but is beneficial for the environment, too.

wildlife benefits from rain water harvesting

Wildlife Habitat

Because the water stored in the RainXchange™ System is constantly moving and being aerated, it becomes a sanctuary for wildlife. Birds, frogs, dragonflies and butterflies all flock to water in the landscape. In fact, water is a key component in certified wildlife habitats.

rain water harvesting benefits the ecosystem

Environmental Conservation

Capturing rainwater to operate a decorative water feature creates true self-sustainability, drastically reducing the need for chemically-treated traditional water sources.

rainwater harvesting, save water by rain water harvesting

Ease of Use

While you enjoy the benefits of a decorative water feature, the RainXchange™ System filters the stored water to prevent stagnation and growth of unhealthy bacteria. Accessing the stored underground water is easy as connecting a hose to a spigot. A small pump is connected to the stored water making it convenient for you to water the landscape.

rainxchange_diagram for rain water harvesting

Download PDF

Click to download a detailed PDF version showing the entire RainXchange system and how it works