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Designing great ponds

By April 5, 2011October 28th, 2021Design

If you’re starting to plan and design your new water feature, we’re here to help. These expert tips about designing quality pond environments will help you plan and design a pond that provides beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

Start with a formal plan

Do your research. Look through books, magazines and websites and set aside any designs that appeal to you. Best of all, visit other water gardens and take along a camera and a notepad. One of the best ways to get out and see many ponds at one time is a pond tour. A one or two-day walk allows you to check out the water features in your area, and gives you a chance to ask present pond owners about their ponds.

Size your pond properly

The biggest mistake people make is building a pond that is too small. It is suggested that you put in the largest pond your yard (and budget) will allow.

Style your pond to suit your home

Make sure that the style of pond is a fit with the structure of your house and your gardens. Also, that it matches your lifestyle. Place the pond where you will enjoy it the most – usually near a patio or living area.

The importance of your berm

One of the most overlooked elements of good pond design is the surrounding landscaped berm. Done correctly, the berm will blend the pond seamlessly into the setting, making it look natural. The pond will appear to have formed naturally in front of the berm. In addition, the berm becomes the base of your waterfall, so it needs to be scaled properly.