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Looking after your pond

By April 5, 2011October 28th, 2021Fish, Maintenance

Okay, you’ve built your pond and stream. You’re already enjoying the benefits of relaxing beside your beautiful water garden, enjoying the sounds and sights of nature. But what now? How do you make sure your garden matures into something even more beautiful than it is now? Follow these expert tips.

Calculating water volume

To determine the maximum amount of gallons in the pond multiply the Average Length x Average Width x Average Depth x 7.48 (gallons in a cubic foot of water). This will tell you the maximum account of water that will be in that size pond.

When to add bacteria

Brand new ponds or ponds being re-started after winter should be dosed with dry or liquid AquaClearer bacteria. This will help the ecosystem get started. Add a dose of AquaClearer every day for the first two weeks, then once every 10 to 14 days.

How Many Fish in a Pond?

Try to restrict fish quantities to a maximum of one 5 inch fish for every 5 square feet of surface area (A 10 ft. x ft. pond, for example, could support about 20 five-inch fish or 10 ten-inch fish).