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By January 10, 2012October 28th, 2021Humanitarian Efforts, News


Waterscene is returning to Uganda for fifth humanitarian mission

Steve and Linda Kovacs are returning to Uganda January 15 to assist with two vital projects to help supply ophanages with sustainable fresh water systems.

The team from Waterscene is working with a team from H2O4ALL, and a team from the Aquascape Foundation.

The first week, the team will be in the village of Gulu, installing a clean water system at the Watoto Orphanage. The second week, they will be installing a system near Entebee.

We will provide a detailed update of our trip after we return.

Water: threatened, precious commodity

Throughout Africa, water supplies are threatened. How these valuable efforts are making a difference. Villages in Africa face a tremendous threat as water supplies are rapidly become contaminated with chemicals such as cyanide and lead due to poor well design. In some cases, entire communities are forced to abandon their homes as the village water supply turns deadly. Rainwater harvesting systems provide a sustainable, solar-powered supply of fresh water.

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